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Authors: Dr. Parvez A. Khan

The ‘Ivory India’ app offers a seamless and intuitive information of all its company activities to Dental and Medical professionals on Android`s operating system. The App contains free e-copy of Guident Journal, Facethetics Journal, and Medic Mentor Journal. Also it contains the Information about Guident Dental Academic Excellence Awards and International Dental Lab Expo which is really useful for the Dental Technicians all across India. Dental Professionals can read plethora of articles on all topics of dentistry free of cost through this new App. Dental/Medical profession can also buy ‘Face- Enhancement and Rejuvenation’ book written by Dr. Ivona from the App.

This is a unique all for all dental/medical professionals which provides all necessary information on latest happenings on both Dental and Medical field. We invite all our subscribers to Install this App and get benefitted through its Information.

Developed by Ivory India`s R&D team in Delhi, Ivory India app is first being rolled out to subscribers in India.

Ivory India plans to roll out the Android app in over 30 countries shortly. Built to run smoothly and offer faster access even on lower end smartphones, the app loads extremely fast - in under five seconds, even on 2G network.

We at Ivory India believe in delivering the latest and world class information, knowledge and expertise to the professionals working in the fields of dentistry, cosmetology, dermatology, other medical specialties, pharmacists, medical colleges, plastic surgeons etc. Bringing together international proficiency to help you enhance your practice and quality services, Ivory India will assist you in making your customers happy and deliver facilities they deserve. Just as a library full of books can never make you feel lonely, Ivory India’s publications will serve as a rich store house of precious information and knowledge that the world is already utilizing to bridge the gap between the seekers of quality and affordable medical assistance and its providers.


Dr. Parvez A. Khan
Dr. Parvez A. Khan