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I find Guident an excellent and informative publication based on the clinical experiences of established practioners. It is clinically oriented and is therefore of great benefit to practicing dentists. The ultimate test of techniques and products, is after all, clinical success.

My heartiest congratulations to the publishers, management and sponsors of Guident for their conscientious effort in promoting dental education.
Prof. Dr. Porus S. Turner

‘One small step for man, One giant leap for Mankind’ said Neil Armstrong when he landed on the moon. Likewise, this magazine which made a very low key foray into our world ,has in such a short span made a tremendous impact with its versatility, easy accessibility and above all its impeccably articulate simplicity. Today, this Magazine has very effectively amalgamated the Clinicians, Researchers & the Students on a unified platform and carried their voices to every nook and corner of the country. Through this Publication, I foresee a brilliantly dazzling future for our profession and take this opportunity to congratulate the quietly efficient, yet aggressively ambitious team that has given a futuristic and universal appeal to this publication and made it what it is today.

Thanking You,

Hello Sir,

I feel privileged to congratulate you and your team for the effortless work you all have done concerning the field of dentistry. It’s the need of the hour to make people aware of the need of good oral health along with educating the dental surgeons about the new inventions in the field. I congratulate you all for coming up with a dental newspaper, first of its kind in India.
Thank you
Dr.Gautam Bir Singh Sodhi

Continuous effort - not strength or intelligence - is the key to unlocking our potential, said Liane Cordes, and this is indeed true in the case of Guident!
Since I have read through the first copy of Guident, all I can say is that it surely has been a tremendous step towards achieving potential.

It is simple and scientific and most of the content is based on experience and practice, both of which can rarely be questioned. Some of the young professionals would surely be able to gain tips on technique and improvisation of the same. The Editorial board and the contributors have ensured that there is absolutely no technical jargon and as such offers light informative reading. I urge all the readers to share a lot more practical experience as we are well aware that Science is indeed dynamic and every piece of learned experience matters.

Guident has been interdisciplinary in content and I have known the difficulty the team experienced at the start of the editions. They together with the support of fraternity have accomplished regularity and content both of which are hallmarks in the making of a good Dental Scientific magazine.

I am sure the team would maintain its fidelity towards a worthy purpose and continue the good work. I am sure the future has a way of arriving unannounced at Guident! All the very best to the entire team . I would surely help with the critical responsibility for the generation we are in by providing the shoulders, the direction, and the support for those generations who come behind.
Dr. Usha Mohandas